About me

Dmitry Grigoriev. Software Developer. Remote work only.

Resume: Dmitry_Grigoriev_resume_en-short.pdf


Projects (in progress)

Embedded-Only Webserver for C++ / Linux / x86-64. Fastest possible.

Projects (old, open source)

Old abandoned versions, kept here as code examples for potential employers. I continue developing, refactoring and using these in my projects (e.g. lib.cache now supports maxLifetime and clustering via jgroups, and lib.validator now supports arbitrary DTOs and is a part of macro-library lib.binder which has the same purpose as Spring's Binder) but too lazy to write documentation site editor that would satisfy me. No one seemed to be intersted anyway.

Strictly-typed, syntactically concise, extensible set of data validators. Written in Scala. Split away from lib.web.
Thin, stateless, strictly typed Scala web framework.
Simple solution for caching immutable data in Scala (I use it with Squeryl in web-development).
Simple strictly typed solution for localization. Written in Scala.
fw0 @ github
PHP code example.