Subpackages and internal dependencies

All classes reside in package ru.dimgel.lib.web and its subpackages. Dependencies between direct ru.dimgel.lib.web subpackages are clearly defined. If you want to use parts with other web frameworks, this dependency table may be of some use to you:

Subpackage Depends on Description
attr - Contains class AttributeMap - a scala Map implementation which wraps attribute handling methods of various Servlet API interfaces.
core attr, header, param, state, util Contains wrappers for HttpServlet, HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse.
form core, param, state, widget Forms module. Concise and strictly-typed way to define and process forms. Supports multipage forms, but does not yet support AJAX.
header - Classes representing various HTTP headers, along with their associated parsers.
param - Wrapper for request parameter map, hierarchy of parameter validators.
state - State management strategies. User by sessions (core) and multipage forms.
util - Various utility stuff I could not find better place for. I'm not sure which other packages may depend on it.
widget - Simple wrappers for HTML form elements. Used by forms module.